Where Can You Get The Most Money For Your Stuff?

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Winter will soon turn to spring, and with it will come the almost irresistible urge to purge your house of all the extra stuff lurking in closets, garages, and under your children’s beds.

A yard sale can be a quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted items, but you won’t get top dollar from local bargain hunters.If you want to make the most money, you need to know where to sell.

Some of the best places to sell various types of wares are listed below.


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If you have good-condition brand-name or designer clothing, your best bet is to take it to a local consignment shop, whether it’s an independent store or part of a chain like Style Encore or Platos Closet.

You may be paid upfront or when an item sells, depending on the shop’s policy.

The amount you receive is also determined by the store.Furthermore, accepting store credit instead of cash for your items may result in a higher profit.

If you live in an area where there are no consignment shops, consider using an online service like Swap.ThredUp.com or com

If nothing else, drop off your old clothes at a local retailer that participates in a recycling program for a discount.In our article 10 Retailers That Will Pay You to Recycle Your Old Stuff, we go over these programs in depth.

a collection of books

Woman browsing used books

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Used book stores are becoming extinct.However, if you live near one, see what your book collection would fetch there.

There is another option if you live near a Half Price Books store that sells your books, as detailed in 9 Companies That Sell Your Stuff for You.

If not, see how much Powells might be willing to offer you.If you sell your books to this independent bookstore chain in Oregon, they will cover the shipping costs.

Alternatively, there are websites such as Decluttr that can assist you in selling your old titles.

To see how much you could make selling your books online, go to BookScouters, which has offers from over 30 different book buy-back programs.

Electronics (Electronics)

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There are numerous options for selling old electronics.You can go through a few of them to name a few.

  • Amazon’s Trade-In program is a great way to get some extra cash.
  • Decluttr is a type of decluttr.com
  • Gazelle is a type of gazelle that iscom
  • One of many buy-back programs offered by brick-and-mortar retailers.

The amount and manner in which you are compensated will vary from site to site and program to program.Solicit quotes from a few different sources.

Read 10 Retailers That Will Pay You to Recycle Your Old Stuff if you have outdated or nonworking electronics.

Remember to wipe the hard drive of any personal information before selling an old electronic device, regardless of how you sell it.

Movies, music, and video games are all examples of this.

Music CDs

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Video games are accepted in the Amazon Trade-In program.Decluttr is an online service for getting rid of old CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays.

Check out a Half Price Books or a video game store like GameStop for an offline option.

Antiques and collectibles

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If you have a truly valuable antique or a collection of highly prized items, an auction house is likely to get you the most money.To ensure that your item attracts the right buyers, look for one that specializes in your type of item.

Look for an antique store that might be interested in purchasing or selling your antiques or collectibles on consignment if they aren’t quite auction-house quality.

You can also try eBay, but unless your item has a large following, your auction may get lost among the millions of other listings.If you want to get a specific price, try listing with a Buy It Now price.

Dishware and china


Even high-quality china and dishware can be difficult to sell for a reasonable price these days.

Replacements Ltd. is a company that specializes in findingas well as the International Association of Dinnerware Matchers, which will purchase china and dishware.These options may be the simplest way to get a reasonable price for your china.

Of course, these sites will resell the items to others for a much higher price.Try selling on eBay if you want to bypass the middleman.However, just like with antiques and collectibles, your listing may get lost in the shuffle.

Find out what the going rate is for your specific brand and style of china.Then, rather than selling the entire set, consider selling individual pieces to maximize your profits.

Sporting goods

hockey sticks

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Play It Again Sports, for example, is a resale chain that specializes in used fitness equipment.

Craigslist is also a good place to look for sports equipment for sale.If you do decide to sell on Craigslist, make sure to take some basic safety precautions.

Stick to local transactions paid for with cash or a money order for an exact amount to avoid becoming a victim of a scam.

Instead of having someone come to your home, meet the buyer in a public place if at all possible.If you’re selling something large, such as a treadmill, try to place it in a garage or entryway to prevent strangers from entering your home.Bring a friend – or a large dog – home with you when you get picked up.

Instruments of music

Boy playing electric drums

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Old musical instruments are plentiful, and you’ll be lucky if you can get rid of them.Others, on the other hand, might be useful.

A music supply store should be your first stop before selling an old instrument.Ask if the store can give your instrument a once-over to clean it up, check for any defects, and estimate a value for you for a few dollars.Then inquire as to whether or not they sell instruments on consignment.

If not, contact local school music departments and inform them that you are selling an instrument.Band teachers may be willing to spread the word to families looking to buy.

Find out what a specialty resale store like Music Go Round would pay you if you live near one.

Try Craigslist if neither of these options work.

Pieces of furniture

Used furniture for sale

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Unless a piece of furniture is a valuable antique that might be of interest to an auction house, listing it on Craigslist or in local classifieds is likely to net you the most money.Look for a furniture consignment store in your area if you have a way to transport the item there.

To figure out how much your piece has depreciated, use the Splitwise furniture calculator.Keep in mind, however, that the depreciated price isn’t always the same as the fair market price.Depending on your location, you may be able to sell nearly new furniture for 50% off.

Apart from that,

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Finally, there are the kitchen gadgets, toys, knickknacks, picture frames, and other miscellaneous items.

Except in exceptional circumstances, most of this stuff is unlikely to sell for much money.These are the items that are ready to be put up for sale at your yard sale.

Alternatively, you can load everything up and take it to a thrift store.In some areas, the thrift store will even come to your house and pick up your boxes of unwanted items.

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