There Are 13 Telecommuting Jobs That Don’t Require A Physical Location.

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While it’s true that about 95% of remote jobs necessitate a physical location – for reasons such as regular face-to-face meetings or proximity to clients or projects – this isn’t always the case.

As job seekers re-enter a job market that has seen the many benefits of working remotely during the pandemic, now is a great time to delve deeper into your search for remote work.FlexJobs has identified 13 common remote job titles that typically do not have a location requirement to assist job seekers interested in finding remote jobs that can truly be performed from anywhere.

These job titles are common in the FlexJobs database of work-from-anywhere jobs – remote jobs that offer a lot of flexibility for people who want to work without being bound by geography.

Whether you’re a digital nomad or simply want to break free from a traditional location-bound job, a thorough search may turn up a slew of employers who don’t mind where you work as long as it gets done efficiently and effectively.

The following are remote job titles that typically do not require a remote worker to be physically present, as well as the average salary, according to PayScale.

Manager of Business Development

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71968 is the average salary.

Business development managers create business plans, attract new customers, and manage client accounts to boost brand loyalty and satisfaction.This position necessitates strong interpersonal skills.

Writer of copy

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50570 is the average salary.

Copywriters use persuasive writing to attract an audience and persuade them to buy or use a product or service.Many jobs require editing skills, and copywriters must be able to write clear and concise copy.

Designer of educational programs

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61389 is the average salary.

Academic training and course materials are written and created by curriculum or instructional designers.Update and write syllabi, create online course content, and use feedback to update course materials are some of the responsibilities.

Customer service expert

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41382 is the average salary.

Customers and clients are frequently contacted by customer service representatives via phone, email, chat, and social media.They may sell products or services in addition to answering questions and troubleshooting problems.

Front-end programmer

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71145 is the average salary.

The front end of a website is coded by front-end developers who convert design files into HTML, JavaScript, or CSS.Because of the role’s online nature, it’s one of the best remote jobs to work from anywhere.

Manager of marketing

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The average salary is $64,500.

Advertising and marketing campaigns are typically created by marketing managers to sell products and services.This position frequently necessitates the use of writing, social media demand generation, and SEO skills.

ESL tutoring via the internet

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43878 is the average salary.

ESL (English as a second language) teachers instruct non-native students in the language.Virtual teachers can meet with students one-on-one or in groups.It’s possible that part of the job entails grading student work and developing curriculum.

Manager of the product

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82916 is the average salary.

Product managers are in charge of overseeing the development of a product.They assist in achieving objectives, guiding a team, managing expenses, and overseeing budgets, among other things.

Recruiting Manager


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49544 is the average salary.

Recruiters look for candidates for open positions.They may write and post job descriptions, contact qualified candidates, conduct interviews, conduct background checks, and onboard new hires.

Manager of social media

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49881 is the average salary.

Managers of social media pages and profiles are in charge of them.A social media manager’s responsibilities include writing posts, interacting with followers, and tracking metrics and engagement.

an interpreter


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47974 is the average salary.

Remote translators work to convert written language from one language to another.Translators may be hired to translate books, articles, scripts, and captions, among other things.It is necessary to be fluent in another language and have knowledge of it.

Assistive technology

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39617 is the average salary.

Virtual assistants can schedule meetings, manage calendars, take meeting notes, organize digital files, and respond to emails, among other things.

Designer of websites

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49649 is the average salary.

A web designer’s main responsibilities include developing, creating, and coding web pages and apps.Web designers typically need to be fluent in one or more coding languages, as well as have some graphic design experience.

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