The 7 Best Things To Buy In October – And The 7 Things To Stay Away From

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Deal-seekers, Black Friday is just around the corner, but October has some fantastic deals worth checking out.This is an excellent month to take advantage of fall savings events, order pizza delivery, and perhaps even treat yourself to a new vehicle.

However, not everything in October is worth buying, and with Black Friday just around the corner, you’d be better off waiting a little longer to get your hands on some bargains.

Check out our October shopping guide to see what to buy now and what to save for Black Friday or later.Learn what to buy for each month of the year in 2021 while you’re at it.

The Top 7 Things to Purchase in October

Fall Savings Events in General

October may appear to be a wasteland when it comes to sales, with Labor Day in September and Black Friday in November.However, this is not the case.It’s actually a great time to look for general fall savings events, and there should be plenty to choose from.

Watch for a variety of names for these October sales, including clearance, fall flash, and end of season, as well as for retailers to coin terms like Gametober (as Newegg did last year) or Giftober (as Old Navy did this year).Look for specific items, such as boots and dresswear, to go on sale.

These events will most likely save you 50%-75% on average, though some sales may include a variety of discounts or special offers.

Last year, Kohls offered boots as part of a buy one, get one free promotion and offered an additional 20% off purchases that were also eligible for Kohls Cash.Newegg’s Gametober event offered up to 50% off, while Old Navy’s Giftober sale offered 50% off everything.

Several of these deals have earned our Staff Pick designation, which is given to deals that we consider to be the best of the best.However, because 2021 was an unusual year, the fall savings events in 2021 may not be as good.

New Automobiles

October has traditionally been a good month to buy a new car.Dealers are frequently trying to clear inventory to make room for new models, especially as the holiday season approaches.Even if the dealers are trying to get rid of stock, you’ll want to shop wisely to save as much money as possible.

Autotrader, for example, suggests buying at the end of the month, when salespeople are typically pressed for time to meet quotas.Try shopping on a Monday as well; dealers are likely to be less busy then, giving salespeople more time to negotiate, according to Autotrader.

You can also take a look at iSeeCars’ list of the slowest-selling new and used cars in each


When items are out of season, they tend to be at their best prices.For example, if you want to get the best deal on sweaters, wait until the end of the winter when things are starting to thaw before going shopping.This strategy can be applied to a variety of other items, including grills.

Despite the fact that we’ve seen grill deals pick up in recent years in the summer, October is still proving to be a good time to shop.

Last year, we saw accessories for as little as four dollars each and portable charcoal grills for as little as eighteen dollars.Keep an eye out for sales at stores like Kohls and Home Depot.They offered up to 40% off and up to 57% off in October 2021, respectively.

Halloween Costumes

As previously stated, the best time to purchase seasonal items is when they are not in season.But Halloween is one of those odd occasions where you cant really do that unless you plan on buying your costume for the following year in advance.Thankfully, retailers aren’t monsters, and they realize that if they want to sell these creepy items, they’ll have to offer discounts.

In October, look for costume pieces to be as low as $6 each, while full-fledged costumes will likely be discounted from 20% to 35% off, with prices as low as $4 for kids, adults, and even pets.

Amazon is expected to offer 31 options.5-ounce bags of candy for 6-7 via Subscribe & Save – just remember to cancel your subscription before you get another shipment of chocolate delivered to your door.Alternatively, don’t.We won’t judge you if you do what you want.

Expect spooky decor to be on sale as well, with retailers such as Target, Wayfair, and eBay offering up to 65% off in October sales.Also, don’t forget to look at Home Depot, especially if you’re looking for a dozen skeletons.

Pizza Delivery

No one needs an excuse to eat carbs smothered in melted cheese, but if you do, why not make National Pizza Month yours?

If you want to get really adventurous, you can buy your own pizza oven – we saw a Black Decker model for only 65 last year – but we also expect chains to have October deals.If you want someone else to make your pie, places like Pizza Hut offer discounts ranging from 35% to 50% off regular menu items.

Plants are a type of living thing.

Prepare your weekends, gardeners! October is the best time to buy new perennial plants because nurseries are offering deep discounts to clear out stock.Perennials are a great choice if you don’t have a green thumb because they don’t need to be replanted every year.In the plant world, this makes them fairly low-maintenance.

Check your local garden centers to see if bulbs such as daffodils and tulips are on sale – you can plant them now and they’ll bloom once winter is over.

Produced During the Season

Shopping for in-season fruits and vegetables is beneficial not only to your health and the environment, but also to your wallet.Apples, cranberries, grapes, persimmons, and pomegranates will all be cheaper in October, making them ideal for pies and preserves.

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If that’s your thing (no pun intended), you’ll find even more in-season vegetables.Acorn squash, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash, cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, lettuce, mushrooms, parsnips, pumpkins, rutabagas, spinach, Swiss chard, turnips, and winter squash are all on sale.

In October, there are seven things you should not buy.


Purchases on Black Friday

Why should you expect November to have the best prices of the year, with at least 30% of TV deals being Staff Picks?Expect basic 32-inch TVs to cost no more than 80 dollars, and 50-inch 4K TVs to cost no more than 150 dollars.


Purchases on Black Friday

Why Lowes and Home Depot are likely to have some of the best deals of the year, with at least 14% of the month’s appliance specials meeting our Staff Pick criteria.

Gift Certificates

December is available for purchase.

Why were there 13 times as many gift card deals in December as there were in October, and nearly seven times as many in November?

Devices with iPhone 13

Purchases on Black Friday

We’re not expecting any significant discounts until Black Friday at the earliest because Apple just released the iPhone 13 lineup.

Laptop computers

Purchases on Black Friday

Why? We anticipate seeing roughly twice as many laptop deals in November as we did in October, with at least 17% earning our Staff Pick designation.

Electronics (Electronics)

Purchases on Black Friday

Why should we expect to see more electronics deals and a larger selection on Black Friday in general?

Clothing for the winter

Purchases should be made on Black Friday or during the offseason.

Why aren’t we expecting deep discounts on winter-appropriate apparel until Black Friday?Aside from that, expect the best savings during the end-of-winter sales.

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