Robocalls And Spam Texts Are On The Rise Once More.

pathdoc Shutterstock Robocalls and spam texts, the bane of all phones, are on the rise.

Unhappily, the United States received around 6 billion dollars.According to RoboKiller, a spam call and text message blocking app, there were 2 billion spam calls in August 2021, up 10% from July.

After falling 5% in July, calls that use caller ID spoofing (falsifying the information transmitted to your caller ID display to disguise the caller’s identity) increased by 4% in August.

Scam messages aren’t just for phone calls.Spam texts are also on the rise, and are now more common than robocalls.The volume of spam text has increased by 3% to 7 million.In August, $6 billion was spent.

All of this is bad news for those who hoped that widespread adoption of STIRSHAKEN – an industry-standard caller ID authentication technology – would quickly put an end to robocalls that use spoofing caller ID.

According to RoboKiller, STIRSHAKEN’s lack of success so far could be due to the fact that small carriers (those with 100,000 or fewer subscriber lines) have until mid-2023 to adopt the framework.RoboKiller, on the other hand, advises people to keep their expectations of the technology in check.

We expect STIRSHAKEN to be useful in the long run, but even with full adoption, it is unlikely to solve the spam call problem on its own.

To make matters worse, the spam text problem is only going to get worse.In the summer of 2021, robotexts surpassed robocalls in terms of sheer volume, and the volume of such spam continues to rise.

According to RoboKiller, spammers sent 20% more spam text messages than robocalls in August.

According to RoboKiller, spam text volume will be up 55% over 2021 by the end of this year, resulting in projected financial losses of 101 million dollars, up 18% from 2021.

Check out 8 Simple Ways to Stop Robocalls for more information on how to avoid robocalls.

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