If You Come Across This Item While Thrift Shopping, Buy It.

It can be overwhelming to shop at thrift stores, flea markets, and estate sales. Iakov Filimonov ShutterstockHow do you know where to begin with so much stuff? How do you spot gems among the junk?

I can assist you as a professional reseller who has spent the better part of 30 years scouring thrift stores.If you want to halve your shopping time, get better deals, and walk away with items you can sell for cash, keep reading.

Everything in my Thrift Shop Like a Pro series qualifies as a BOLO (be on the lookout for) item, from hard-to-find household items to resale money-makers.When you come across it, buy it.

Lane Acclaim furniture is featured on this page.

I went to Ikea with a good friend last month.He politely declined my offer to stop at a few thrift shops and consignment stores along the way, despite the fact that he was in the market for all kinds of furniture.

He had a condo full of decent-looking Scandinavian-inspired furniture after a few hundred dollars (and ten Allen wrenches).Sure, the majority of it was particle board covered in paper, but hey, different strokes for different folks.

He could have found something more affordable, stylish, and well-made if he had waited, such as Lane’s vintage Acclaim collection furniture.

Acclaim, designed by Andre Bus and released in 1958, combined traditional furniture elements such as inlaid dovetail borders with mid-century features such as sleek lines and minimal ornamentation.This hybrid approach persuaded skeptics in the United States to embrace mid-century design, paving the way for more revolutionary furniture to follow.

In today’s secondhand market, coffee tables and end tables are the most common.However, the Acclaim line as a whole included

  • Desks and chairs
  • Sets for the bedroom
  • Set for the dining room
  • Cart with snacks
  • Credenza is a piece of furniture that is used to
  • Shelves for books

Why should you buy it?

Why not buy it instead? Acclaim has it all: a cool Danish-modern style, solid wood construction, and just enough detail to keep each piece interesting.Buyers can gradually build an heirloom-quality collection by scouring estate sales, consignment stores, and thrift shops.

Despite the fact that some stores have caught on to Acclaim’s popularity and value, an unrestored end table or coffee table can still be found for $20 to $30.

Look for the ugly ducklings, which are pieces that have coffee rings, sun damage, or scratches.It’s easier than you think to restore a Lane Acclaim table, and it’s a great weekend project.

Acclaim’s combination of quality and style has resulted in a resale market that is worthy of acclaim.

On eBay, a set of three living room tables in excellent condition sold for $1199.This restored Acclaim desk is listed for 1650 on Etsy.Even this spray-painted end table on Etsy sold for $150.(Let’s pretend we’re furniture purists and pretend the next owner will restore it properly.))

What to Keep an Eye On

The oversized walnut and oak dovetail joints are the easiest way to identify an Acclaim.The dovetails, which run no deeper than the veneer and aren’t functional, make each piece instantly recognizable.

Vintage end tables from the Lane Acclaim collection

The furniture at Kentin Waits Daily Money LifeLane is also well-marked.The logo can be found on the interior left-hand side of a top drawer on desks, dressers, and chests of drawers.The undersides of tables and chairs are marked.

A horizontal wooden spindle encases the words Lane and Altavista Va in the Lane logo.A stylized image of a long lane bordered by trees appears in some versions of the logo.

Lane’s triangular guitar pick accent table is especially prized by collectors, despite the fact that all of his pieces are popular.Other popular items include

  • Wheeled snack or bar cart
  • Bench with a 70-inch width or a cocktail table with a 70-inch width
  • Boomerang coffee table in the shape of an L
  • A three-drawer chest (also known as a record cabinet) has three drawers.

Years of wax buildup can sometimes obscure Acclaim’s signature dovetails, so keep that in mind.If you have a suspicion about a piece, investigate it thoroughly.

Check out my article 10 Secrets to Finding Quality Secondhand Furniture for more advice like this.

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