During The Coronavirus Epidemic, Here Are 5 Ways To Assist Seniors

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The global coronavirus pandemic has thrown the world into chaos, affecting every aspect of society.To slow the spread of COVID-19, a coronavirus disease, residents have been advised to stay at home and only leave when absolutely necessary.

If you’re stuck inside with loved ones, that’s fine.But what about those who are alone for weeks or even months? According to Merck’s statistics, half of everyone 85 and older in the United States is alone.S(a person who lives outside of institutions) lives aloneIn general, 30% of the elderly live alone.

Although not everyone who lives alone is lonely, being unable to see friends or family can cut off important emotional interactions.It exacerbates the physical and mental health problems that some senior citizens face when they live alone.

However, each of us can make a difference in this situation.Even if we can’t be within 6 feet of each other during this period of social isolation, there are things we can do to connect with isolated seniors and assist them in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

Perform their yardwork

The trees are budding, the weeds are popping, and our winter-bare gardens are about to explode with more vegetation than many of us prefer now that spring has arrived.Many senior citizens enjoy working in their gardens.If they’re staying inside, do them a favor and assist them in getting their yards ready for summer.

A list of early spring chores is available from Good Housekeeping.You can offer to assist with some tasks, such as

  • Lawn maintenance
  • Trimming branches that are dead, dying, or diseased
  • removing fallen leaves and debris from garden beds
  • Patios and decks should be cleaned regularly.

Play online games with your friends.

According to Lifehacker, there are several ways you and a single senior can play a rousing board game over the internet.a couple of examples

  • Uno by way of Facebook
  • On Pogo, you can play Monopoly.com
  • On Tabletopia, you can play chess.com

You can also direct older relatives or friends to online games that they can play on their own.Some unrestricted concepts

  • TheJigsawPuzzles is a website dedicated to jigsaw puzzles.com
  • Games of Mahjong

Talk on the phone, send text messages, and make video calls.

There are a variety of ways to communicate over the phone.You could use Facebook Messenger, Skype FaceTime, Google Duo, or Zoom to have a face-to-face conversation.

Of course, there are always the old-fashioned phone calls and texts if you want to communicate in a more relaxed manner.

Obtain groceries

Older people may not have stocked up on food, medicine, and other essentials to weather the COVID-19 crisis at home.

To help seniors avoid being exposed to large crowds, some grocery stores have special shopping hours for them.People who don’t want to go out may appreciate you offering to go shopping for them.

Maintain a 6-foot distance from other shoppers while shopping, keep your hands clean with hand sanitizer or wipes, avoid paying with cash, and shop during off-peak hours if possible.

In terms of the safety of the groceries themselves, a spokesperson for the Centers for Disease Control tells Time magazine that

There is currently no evidence that COVID-19 transmission is linked to food or food packaging.However, before and after handling food, you should always wash your hands.After unloading your groceries, the CDC recommends washing your hands again and cleaning kitchen surfaces such as countertops, cabinet handles, and light switches.

These suggestions will assist you and your loved ones in making wise purchases during the crisis.

Helping seniors order grocery deliveries online, where that option is available, is arguably even safer.Some grocery chains and independents will deliver your order to your home or fill your phoned order for curbside pickup.

There are a number of other specialized grocery delivery services available.

  • Instacart is a service that allows you to order groceries online
  • FreshDirect is a website that sells fresh produce
  • Dispatch
  • Fresh from Amazon
  • Peapod is a type of legume.

Encourage people to work out online.

One of the most difficult aspects of being cooped up at home is that your exercise routine may be jeopardized.Exercise is essential for seniors to maintain strength, energy, and a positive attitude.You can assist your older friends and family members who have had their regular gym visits canceled by pointing them in the right direction.

Here are some places to find free exercise videos for seniors.

  • Beginner-friendly demonstrations are available from AARP for ten minutes.
  • Many video classes are available at the YMCA, including those for active older adults.
  • Go4Life, a service of the National Institute on Aging, also has a number of free exercise videos.
  • There are 200 videos in Silver Sneakers, an online exercise program that comes free with many Medicare plans.

If you’re communicating with seniors online, send them a link to a few video workouts you think they’d enjoy.If they require assistance, assist them in registering and navigating these websites.

So find a way to connect with an elderly person who is alone at home – or anyone else who could benefit from your assistance.Also, read MoneyTalksNews’ numerous articles on how to manage your life and money during the coronavirus pandemic.

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