During A Job Search, There Are Five Advantages To Volunteering.

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Volunteering before, during, and after your job search has a variety of professional and personal advantages.

Even better, regardless of the type of job seeker you are or the positions you seek, volunteering can help you improve your resume.

You’re probably aware of the selfless motivations for volunteering.You provide an organization with someone who is committed to their cause and willing to give away one of the most valuable resources – time – for free.

However, there are a few ways in which volunteering can help you advance professionally.

It assists you in gaining relevant work experience.

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Volunteering can assist you in gaining experience in skill sets that are in high demand by many employers.Nonprofits, for example, frequently require assistance with accounting, marketing, event planning, and other tasks.

Volunteering is also a great way to try out a new job if you’re not sure if you want to make the switch.Although you will not be exposed to the full range of job responsibilities, you will get a taste of your potential new career.

It keeps you up to date.

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If you know you want to stay in your current field but are looking for work, volunteering is a great way to stay current on industry trends and changes.Although you may not be up to date on specific industry trends, you will be able to keep up with some general skills that you will need in your new position.

You might be able to keep up with social media trends, for example.Alternatively, you could learn new accounting software or spreadsheet techniques.Volunteering, if nothing else, is a great way to pass the time while also keeping your skills sharp.

It has the potential to expand your network.

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When you leave a job, it’s possible that you’ll lose touch with some of your contacts.While social media allows you to maintain professional contacts, you may find that those contacts are unable to assist you professionally.Or maybe you’re trying to break into a new industry and don’t know anyone.

It can be difficult to rekindle old friendships and form new ones.Volunteering gives you access to a new network of people who may be able to assist you in your current field or help you get started in a new one.

Volunteering also aids in the development of new personal relationships.People who work on the same project, for the same company, and for the same cause can have a lot in common.Your volunteer work could be a great way to meet new people.

It enhances your resume.

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It’s a good idea to include volunteer work on your resume.In the 2016 Deloitte Volunteer Impact Survey, 2506 professionals from 13 major metro areas across the United States were polled.Swho are currently employed and have the power to either directly or indirectly influence the person who makes the hiring decisionAccording to the findings of the study

  • 82% of respondents said they are more likely to hire someone who has volunteered before.
  • When a candidate includes volunteer work on a resume, 85% are willing to overlook other flaws.
  • Active volunteers are more likely to move into leadership roles, according to 80% of survey respondents.

So, how can you maximize the career benefits of volunteering? The key is to recognize your achievements and explain how your knowledge and skills assisted you in achieving your objectives.

Treat a volunteer position the same way you would a regular job on your resume.Include the name of the organization, a brief description of what it does, the titles and dates of your positions, and your achievements.

Make an effort to use the same words that the hiring manager would.You can categorize the entries under Other relevant experience or volunteer experience in a separate section.If you’re a recent graduate looking to beef up your resume, you can include it in the Experiencesection of your resume.

It provides personal advantages that extend to the workplace.

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As you can see, volunteering has a slew of professional advantages that can help you land a better job.Even if you are aware of some personal motivations for volunteering, there are a few you may not be aware of.

In a New York Times article about the daily activities of unemployed men and women, it was discovered that many of them spent their time watching television and movies.

While it is necessary to recharge, volunteering can help you stay current and increase your happiness during a stressful time.

Volunteering has both mental and physical benefits, according to a Harvard article.Reduced depression and loneliness as a result of feeling socially connected, as well as lower blood pressure, are some of the mental and physical benefits.

When you’re looking for work, helping others and giving freely of your time and energy can be just what you need to feel good mentally and physically.

Where can you look for volunteer opportunities?

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If you want to volunteer, the next step is to find a nonprofit with which you can connect.Finding a cause that you care about is now easier than ever.

VolunteerMatch, for example, can help you find volunteer opportunities.orgYou can look for volunteer opportunities both in person and online, and you can search by specific areas, so look for volunteer opportunities in your field of work.

There’s also the Idealist type.orgAlong with paid job listings, it has volunteer and internship opportunities.By sorting by causes, you can find only the opportunities that match your interests when searching for remote and on-site opportunities.

You can search for volunteer opportunities by location on All for Good.You can also sort your results by cause, family-friendly projects, and opportunities in remote locations.

For those times when volunteering in person isn’t possible, there are plenty of online volunteer opportunities.With the recent shift to remote work by most businesses and nonprofit organizations, more opportunities for virtual collaboration have arisen.What does this mean for volunteers? Things that were once difficult to find online may now be readily available and set up for you to assist from the comfort of your own home.

Consider contacting your favorite charity to see if there is anything you can do from afar.If you don’t know where to begin, look online for virtual volunteer opportunities.

After volunteering, finding a job is a challenge.


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While nothing in life is guaranteed, consider how volunteering can help you get your foot in the door at a company and possibly lead to a job offer.

Showing an interest in the company’s mission – and even explicitly stating that you’d be interested in any future job openings – can help you land a job.It’s also a chance to meet new people.

However, whether or not your volunteer experience leads to a job, FlexJobs is here to assist you in finding your next position.Our jobs offer a variety of work flexibility options, including flexible schedules, remote work, and freelance gigs.

The information you’ll find on this site is always objective.However, we may be compensated if you click on links within our stories.

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