7 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Clutter In 2021

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the post-holiday excess around you? Has your family’s success with Santa left your closets, garage, attic, and office stuffed to the rafters for the past several years?

If this is the case, it may be time to employ some innovative clutter-busting techniques.

Begin by allowing three questions to sift through your information.Ask yourself this question for each item you’re considering.

  • I adore it.
  • Do I make use of it?
  • Will I ever require it?

If you answered no to any of these questions, donate the item and let it find a new home.

Here are a few easy ways to get rid of your clutter right now.

One area at a time should be targeted.

The sheer amount of stuff that most of us have can easily make us feel overwhelmed.Focus on one area of your home or office at a time rather than jumping right in and burning out.

Start with the easiest areas first, because a little positive reinforcement never hurts.De-cluttering

  • A dresser with drawers
  • A closet in the hall
  • a single kitchen cabinet
  • Your desk has only one drawer.

Then proceed to the next location.Make a list of all the clutter hot spots that need to be addressed and cross them off as you calm the chaos.

Every day, get rid of one item.

If taming the clutter in your environment appears to be an impossible task, take it one step at a time.Decide to get rid of just one item per day, but be determined and persistent.

As the weeks and months pass, you’ll begin to notice and appreciate the extra elbow room you’ve created as a result of your efforts.Expand on your success by speeding up your clutter-busting routine and letting go of two or three items per day.

Adopt the rule of zero accumulation.

Adopt a zero-accumulation habit to achieve and maintain a clutter-free home or office. For every new item that enters your space, make sure one item leaves.Donate or sell usable items, then recycle or discard the remainder.

Try a one-in-two-out rule for a more aggressive approach, and watch those massive piles and cramped closets slowly vanish.

Consider your options within the confines of the box(es).

The four-box method is a tried-and-true way to quickly declutter large areas while still ensuring that each item is carefully considered.To begin, gather four large boxes and assign one of these labels to each.

  • Make a donation
  • Sell
  • Recycle your trash
  • Relocate but keep

This system will keep you from simply moving piles around and will assist you in separating what is required from what is not.When you’re done with one room, empty the boxes according to their labels and start over in another.

Carry out the dozens

Organize a 12-12-12 decluttering project at a regular time each week or month.

Here’s how it works: find a dozen items to donate, a dozen to toss or recycle, and a dozen to return to their proper places in your home or office.You went through at least 36 items in a short period of time and got rid of 24 of them.

Set a limit on the amount of space available.

The volume of our belongings appears to expand as if by magic to fit the available space.That larger house we scrimped and saved for will be just as cramped as the smaller one we left behind before we know it.

Impose a space limit for problem areas to help combat the creep of clutter.Decide to collect no more kitchen utensils than will fit in a single drawer or only enough makeup for one cosmetics bag, for example.

Using a finite physical space to limit the seemingly infinite potential of clutter is relatively painless and aids in the prevention of molehills becoming mountains.

Make the switch to digital.

If only everything we owned could be digitized and stored in the cloud so we could access it whenever we needed it.It appears to be a minimalist’s dream.Thankfully, some of the things we come across qualify for easy digital storage.

Scanning documents and photos and storing them digitally through a cloud-storage service will help you clear your desk.Check out 7 Foolproof Tricks to Tame Your Paperwork for more pointers.

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